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Volunteer Registration for the regular season hours will open the week of December 20th.

Current Volunteering Opportunities:

We Need You, Not Your Money!!

MHRC is a volunteer-run organization and to ensure a fun season for all athletes we need you to help out at events, races, and around the clubhouse!

Volunteer contribution is a vital component to the success of our club. As indicated in your registration, volunteer fees are mandatory for all members and will not be processed at the end of the season for all that fulfill their volunteer hours required.

Volunteering 2021/2022 season

Parent volunteers will play very important role this coming season. Due to the current restrictions, the hour requirements for volunteering has change (see below). We are hoping to have a minimum of three volunteers in the clubhouse during practice times for both Junior Development and the Competitive teams.

We will be using Sign Up Genius® for scheduling all the volunteer hours. Due to restrictions and the need to limit exposure, during the season, we are asking parent volunteers to only sign up for volunteer times when their child/children are scheduled for practice.

Volunteer Hours Requirements

  • Development Program (all ages)
    • One athlete = 7 hours or fee of $150
    • Two or more athletes = 14 hours or fee of $300
  • Competitive Program (Travel) - U8 to U19
    • Single athlete = 14 hours or fee of $250
    • Two or more athletes = 22 hours or fee of $350
    • Ski Swap requirements = minimum 4 hours

**Volunteering hours are subject to change before the start of the ski season in January 2022.

If you are new to the scene, we have many seasoned volunteers who are at the ready to provide on the job training.

For further information on volunteer opportunities please contact volunteer@miltonheights.com

Volunteer policies 2021/2022

  • Volunteer hours requirements can only be fulfilled by parents and/or legal guardians.
  • Adult House League participants are exempt from the volunteer hours requirement unless they have a child/children in the program, in which case their hours must be fulfilled.
  • Volunteers MUST complete the MHRC Declaration of Compliance – Covid 19 prior to every volunteer shift
  • Volunteers MUST complete the MHRC Covid 19 waiver prior to their initial volunteer hours
  • Volunteers must arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled volunteer shift

How do I go about paying my volunteer fee?

When registering for a program, fill in the volunteer form and follow the instructions on the registration page.


Here you will find a comprehensive list of the positions that need to be filled to run a successful clubhouse race for the athletes.  There are many technical as well as non-technical roles, so there is something for everyone!

**** Notes****

  • Volunteering for MHRC Hosted Races is MANDATORY for parents of travel team participants to volunteer for any race that MHRC hosts for their group. These hours are NOT included in the volunteer hour requirements,  but are an expectation by MHRC to ensure a quality event for all involved. Failure to be available will be reviewed by the club and could result in the surrender of volunteer fees.
  • Students wishing to contribute in a volunteer capacity with Milton Heights will be awarded a letter verifying their contributions (upon request) that may be used to satisfy the volunteer hour high school requirement. Please note that such contributions will not count towards the family's annual hours requirement
  • Volunteer hours requirements can only be fulfilled by parents and/or legal guardians.
  • Adult House League participants are exempt from the volunteer hours requirement unless they have a child/children in the program, in which case their hours must be fulfilled.
  • Volunteer roles at away races do not count towards your club volunteer hours requirement.

There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer and complete your required volunteering hours throughout the season, note some may not require being available “in person” onsite. Below is a comprehensive (although not exclusive) list:

    • Ski Swap
    • Team manager
    • Canteen servicing
    • Clubhouse duties
    • Member of an MHRC committee/ subcommittee (marketing, sponsorship, social events, banquet, etc)

Should you have any questions regarding current or future volunteering opportunities, reach out to the Volunteer coordinator at volunteer@miltonheights.com

Volunteer Hand Book - 2020/2021 Season



Our biggest fundraiser event of the year and it requires all hands-on deck by all of our MHRC members! This is a great way to get your volunteer hours in.  For more information - please see  SWAP area.


Age Group Coordinators

Age Group Coordinators

Age Group Reps provide the primary customer relationship, care and support.  They connect the membership with the Racing Committee / Board of Directors and speak for the interests of their age group on the Race Committee.  They promote Club’s vision, philosophy and direction to the members, foster positive club feeling and social fabric.

Specific duties include:

  • Provide membership feedback to the Race Committee / Board of Directors and to the Program Director;
  • Assist in resolution of age group specific issues;
  • Support age group specific membership needs, e.g., facilitate organization of informal parent activities such as carpooling, supervised lunches or social events;
  • Prepare communications content and materials for publishing, e.g. picture taking, weekly newsletter; and
  • If required and/or requested, support the Head Coach and coaches in executing their mandate.

For position availability please see BoardNews


We currently have 11 member board of directors which run portfolios including:

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Registration
  • Race Committee
  • Operations
  • Communication & IT
  • Ski and Snowboard Swap
  • Marketing & Social Events
  • Branding & Sponsorship
  • Volunteers

For position availability please see BoardNews


More detailed information about the responsibilities of officials and about planning and running a race can be found in the officials training manuals and reference document published on the ACA website under “Officials,” “Course Materials.”

Gives the correct start signal to each racer and, in collaboration with the timer, ensures the proper start interval between signals.

Assistant Starter (Cat Herders):
Calls the competitors to the start in their correct order.

Recorder (also called Assistant Timers):
Records the time-of-day data for each start and finish from the stopwatch.

Chief of Race (COR):
Is the chairman of the Race Committee and the “boss” who is responsible for staffing and directing the work of all officials except the TD and the referee. He/she normally chairs the Team Captain‟s meeting, in consultation with the TD, and deals with all technical aspects of the race.

Chief Gate Judge:
Organizes and supervises the work of the gate judges and designates the gates each will supervise; supplies each gate judge with control cards, pencil, start list, etc.; ensures that the numbering and the marking of the gates is done; collects the gate judges’ control cards at the end of each run and delivers them to the referee.

Gate Judges (Gate Keepers):
Observe the passage of each competitor through the gates they are assigned; decide whether the passage is correct; when a fault is observed, prepare a proper record of the fault (bib number, gate number, drawing); respond to competitors' questions about whether they have committed a fault; make a record of any competitor who leave4s the course and requests a re-run. Gate judges may be asked to perform other duties such as the replacing/repairing poles or flags; helping keep the course clear, etc.

Chief of Course:
Directs and supervises the preparation and maintenance of the course, including the start and finish areas. He/she works with the course setters, supervises course maintenance during the race and directs post-race cleanup immediately following the event. He/she needs to know course preparation standards and techniques.

Course Crew:
Under the direction of the Chief of Course, replace/repair gate poles; repairs potholes, ruts; berns, and other conditions; side-slip the course;

Finish Referee / Crowd Control:
Ensures that the regulations for the organization of the finish and the finish in-run and out-run are followed; responds to requests for re-runs; supervises the crowd control in the finish area; reports the competitors who did not finish to the referee and informs the

Chief of Timing (also called Chief of Timing and Calculations):
Supervises all electronic and manual timing and results calculations, plans and sets up all timing and communication systems, oversees the starter, timers, recorders, finish controller, announcers, spotters and others.

Operates the timing equipment and software and ensures that accurate start and finish times are recorded for every competitor; communication with the starter throughout the race;

Assistant Timer:
Monitors jury communication for information about “start-stops,” competitors that abandon the course, etc.; observes the course and competitors to identify any irregularities that could affect the accuracy of the timing; and otherwise assists the timer.

Scoreboard Posters:
Records the elapsed time for each competitor on the display board.

Announces each competitor‟s results as soon as they are available.

Bib Collector:
Collects the bibs from each competitor immediately after they complete their last run for the event.

Coat Runners:
Collect racers coats/pants from top of race hill and bring them to the bottom of the hill.

Chief of Administration:
Responsible for all administrative work for the competition, including receipt of registration and preparing the draw; ensures that the official results contain the required information; prepares the minutes of technical, Jury and team captains’ meetings; ensures that the forms for start, finish, timing, calculations, and gate judging are prepared and distributed at the proper time; receives official protests and gives them to those who are concerned; and ensures that results are duplicated and published as quickly as possible after the completion of the competition.