Swap Portal – Entering Items for Sale

Step 1


Once logged in, check your vendor info and update if necessary. Then go up to the Inventory button, to start adding your equipment.

Check Vendor Info and Inventory user image

Step 2

Adding an Item

From the inventory section, Click Add New.

Add Inventory user image

Step 3

Inputing the details of your items

Follow the steps detailed in the screenshot. It's critical that you follow these instructions accurately so that the proper information is displayed on the labels printed.

  • Enter the equipment item - Atomic Skis 100cm, Girl Ski Boot, Head Googles, etc.
  • The Short Description field is where you put the GL or SL ski's, size of skis (100cm) or boots (25), etc.
  • Select the Category from the drop down.
  • Entering the proper information in the correct fields will help identify your items at time of drop off as well at time of purchase.  You can also use the "Product Notes" if there are more specifics that would help identify your equipment.

Once you have entered all the item details, click  Save, repeat for every item.

Once you are done with all your items, go "Back to Products".

Inputting Details of Inventory user image

Step 4

Getting your Items ready for drop off

When you've entered all your items, you can print your list and bring it with you when you come to drop off your items for sale.

After you have logged all your items, you just need to bring them to the swap during product check-in time and go to the drop off line.

Make sure to bring your printed list. We will print the labels for you, process your listings fees of $1.00 / per item (cash only) and you’re all set. Then check on your items as they sell through on the portal.

Items Ready for Drop Off user image