Registration Process

Steps for the Registration

  • The user completes registration.
  • Notification is sent of payment through Wepay to and racer set to unassigned by the system.
  • Treasurer validates payments and assigns to “Validated Team”.
  • Registration team ( RT) reviews validated team members for all other needed validation, volunteer forms, AOA, SO…
  • If racers are missing forms to complete the registration, then RT assigns to the team that reflects the missing information (this makes communicating to the group simple with one email message instead of single emails to each registrant):
    • Missing AOA/SO team if AOA/SO registration info is missing. 
    • Missing Volunteer Form team if Volunteer Form is missing or incomplete. 
    • Missing Volunteer and AOA/SO team if Volunteer Form and AOA/SO is missing or incomplete. 
      • Note: RT follows up with racers in teams with missing information so that when they submit the missing info, they can then be assigned to the racing team
  • If racer has all completed forms, then racer gets assigned to Checks Completed team.
  • Once all Checks completed, use the Roster function to roster racer (see How to Roster a racer) to appropriate teams.
  • Only roster racers that belong to the Checks Completed team to their registered teams. See below on how to ROSTER racers.

How to Validate Registrations

Rostering Process

Rostering for Programs

How to Roster Athletes from Registration forms for the Racing Programs

Rostering for specific events

How to Roster Athletes for specific events – Extra Training / Extra Races / Invitationla events