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Early Bird Registration for the 2019-20 is open!

Early Bird Rates extended until April 30th, 2019!

Welcome to our Registration area

To register please select the appropriate button which will take you to the registration form. If you need help, check out the videos at the bottom of this page for a quick tutorial.

For programming information including programming fees ... click here


Extra - Training

Extra training is available for our travelling race teams ONLY. It is optional and generally intended to provide extra enhanced training for upcoming races.

  • Registration will be open until 1 week prior to training
  • Minimum of 6 athletes required to host training sessions
  • Canteen is not guaranteed to be open at GE
  • Cancellation/admin fee of $15.00 per session plus any non-refundable fees or expenses MHRC has incured on your behalf will be charged if the athlete elects to withdraw.


Current Extra Training Option:

Click on an event to register

Race Registration

Racing registration is for optional extra races for specific travel teams. It is also for registering for U19 races and any invitational races.



Other Links

Alpine Ontario Registration (Travel Teams and Masters only)

Snowboard Ontario Registration 

How to Videos

How to use the new registration portal

Quick Overview

Detailed Steps

TeamSnap New Season Setup

Step 1. Season Change
Edit season name ie.e 2018-19 to 2019-20 under the League settings. Click Edit, make changes and Save
Step 2. Roster clean up. 
Clean up of any un-rostered registrations is needed. This required if rostering isn’t done properly in the previous season so proper rostering makes this task much easier.
All registrants from previous seasons registrations forms need to be rostered to the Cleanup registration team
Ensure you do not include any early bird registration that are valid for the upcoming season that may have registered in the previous season. The registration form should be labeled correctly to ensure those can be segregated properly. This will also remove any duplicate athlete names so that when they signup, there’s only on version of their names.
Step 3. Archiving Divisions
Once Step 2 is completed, archive each division and use the functions to copy divisions and team names. Since you renamed the League to the current season, the name on the division is the current season name, you need to label it to the previous season. i.e if the new season 2019-20 then rename to 2018-19 as the content is for the previous season.
Step 4. Retire Old Form
Retire old registration form.
Step 5. Updating the Team year settings
TS automatically assigns the proper registration options to athletes when signing up using the DOB. This ensures no user error in selecting the appropriate teams. The date ranges for each team needs to be updated for each year. This is managed at the registration form level and should be verified that it is accurate on the registrations forms in use.