U14 Ages 12 & 13*

*as of December 31st of the current season


This program is for serious skiers/athletes who demonstrate a passion for competition in a fun, team-based environment and welcomes the opportunity to develop physical and psychological skills. Training is focused on refining ski technique, increasing confidence and competence with speed, pitch and variable terrain along with transferring tactical skills into the performance on command competitive environments in Slalom and Giant Slalom disciplines. Participants should be a graduates of the U12 Program, MHRC JDL Program or demonstrate exceptional recreational skiing ability with a multi-sport background. All 4 competitive events, including some training, are held in the Barrie and Collingwood areas.

In addition to our core 8 week racing module, racers can choose to participate in a variety of optional enhanced training camps and races throughout the season for an extra fee.

For more information regarding the U14 Alpine Ontario Program Expectations please visit the AOA website.

Top ranking SOD Cup racers may qualify for the OCUP provincial finals and other national championship races based on their season race results. To be eligible to participate if racers qualify, Alpine Ontario Association (AOA) mandates that a Fitness Test be completed prior to 31 December 2019; a Fitness Test is not required to participate solely in SOD Cup races. AOA provides athlete testing events and MHRC also offers fitness testing for its interested athletes.


  • Sundays – 9:30am to 3:30pm and Thursday evenings – 6:30pm to 9:00pm
  • 9 weeks starting January 2nd, 2022
    • 2 days will be “Away Training Days” to allow for athletes to experience training on steeper terrain.  Locations TBD.  Your racer will be able to purchase discounted lift tickets for these 2 days.
  • Includes Christmas Camp at Glen Eden Dec. 27 to 31st, 2021  9:30am – 3:30pm
    • 2 of the 5 days will be held at Mount St Louis Moonstone or other club (TBD) Wed Dec 29th & 30th – your racer will be able to purchase discounted lift tickets for these 2 days.
    • **Away training plans during Xmas camp are tentative due to COVID protocol based access considerations at the various ski areas and will be confirmed closer to the start of the season.
    • Includes Dryland Training
  • Optional drop-in training on Tuesday & Friday afternoons 1:00 pm to 4:30pm. First-come, first-serve.


  • 4 race events at ski clubs in Southern Ontario in Barrie and Collingwood areas (TBD)
  • Final with team scoring component
  • Optional invitational racing events at other clubs for extra fee
  • Optional Alpine Ontario (AOA) skills events for extra fee. Click here for calendar: https://www.alpineontario.ca/calendar/
  • Please visit our events page once the season starts for specific race information


  • Program fee– the cost of the Ski Racing Competitive program for your athlete – See program fee schedule– Book before Oct. 31st to take advantage of the Pre-season pricing!
  • MHRC Family Membership Fee– the cost of membership to join our club – includes all family members and guests. It supports the cost of running our clubhouse. – See program fee schedule – NOTE – this is an annual one time payment per family, regardless of how many racers you have registered.
  • Alpine Ontario (AOA) Membership– AOA membership covers each athlete’s insurance and supports the sport in Ontario.  You will need to register your athlete and pay a membership fee see AOA siteNOTE we are Southern Ontario Division – SOD.
  • Volunteer Deposit– this will NOT be processed if all volunteer requirements are met.   See volunteer details page.
  • Lift Passes/Tickets– Athletes can purchase a season’s pass at Glen Eden or purchase a set of day passes based on their training schedule.  All passes/lift tickets MUST be purchased through Glen Eden.   See Glen Eden site.


  • Mandatory hard ear cover helmet with FIS RH 2013 label and NO equipment mounts (i.e., GoPro, etc.)
  • Ski goggles that properly fit to face and helmet
  • Size appropriate SL and GS racing skis
  • Proper fitting racing ski boot with soft/medium flex (“plug” racing boots are not recommended)
  • Shin/face/pole guards are mandatory
  • Racing suit is suggested
  • Back protector and mouth guard is highly recommended
  • Appropriately sized ski poles

For information on equipment requirements per age group see the equipment page


All MHRC members are asked to volunteer a number of hours at club events and support activities in the club house.

When registering for a program, you will need to complete the volunteer form and follow the instructions on the registration page prior to your participation in any MHRC program; including dryland training. The volunteer payments will be processed at the end of the season if the required volunteer hours are not logged with MHRC.

For parents who are new to the team, MHRC is a volunteer-driven not-for-profit organization.  Volunteering is a great way to get involved in your athlete’s development and to get to know other parents. Without volunteers we would not be able to run our club or host events. No experience is necessary and you don’t even need to ski. We will provide training during the season and mentorship for all those eager to learn.

A list of volunteer opportunities can be found here.