Program Fees

MHRC Fee Schedule 2017-18

EB= Early Bird Pricing – until to November 12th

RP=Regular Pricing – on November 13th

Junior Devellopement

Program Age / Born Program Fees AOA Reg. Race Series *Total
7/8/9 – Jnr Dev (U8/10) 2008- 2010 EB-435 / RP-500 Not Required 2 events $435 / $500
10/11 – Jnr Dev (U12) 2006-2007 EB-435 / RP-500 Not Required 2 events $435 / $500
12/13 – Jnr Dev (U14) 2004-2005 EB-435 / RP-500 Not Required 2 events $435 / $500
JD – Afternoon**
(must be registered in morning program)
EB-200 / RP-225  Not Required $200 / $225

Travel Teams

Program Age / Born Program Fees AOA Fees Race Events *Total
U8 Travel 2010 EB-685 / RP-750 90 2-3 events $775 / $840
U10 Travel 2008- 2009 EB-685 / RP-750 90 2-3 events $775 / $840
U12 Travel 2006- 2007 EB-685 / RP-750 277.50 3-4 events $962.50 / $1027.50
U14 Travel 2004-2005 EB-685 / RP-750 312.50 3-4 events $1027.50 / $1062.50
U16 Travel 2002-2003 EB-715 / RP-780 312.50 4-5 events $1027.50 / $1062.50
U19/21 Travel 1999-2001 EB-715 / RP-780 320.00 $45-$65 / race $1035.00 / $1100.00


Program Program Fees SB Ontario Fees Entry Fees *Total
Snowboard Dev EB-650 / RP-715 TBD TBD $650+TBD
Snowboard Race EB-1200 / RP-1295 TBD 30-35 each plus lift $1200+TBD

TNT – Adult

Program Age / Born Program Fees AOA Fees Entry Fees *Total
Adult House League 1930 – 1999 EB-250 / RP-315 Not Required 2 events $250 / $315
Adult Masters TBD TBD 0 TBD

*Additional Fees Required:

  • Lift Pass:

MHRCPrograms do not include lift tickets. Lift tickets or passes are required for training or racing at Glen Eden and can be purchased directly from Glen Eden . They have different options to choose from.

  • Club Membership: 

MHRC families are asked to pay a Club Membership Fee of $160 per family. This fee is used to pay for the upkeep and maintenance of our clubhouse and necessary race equipment.

**AOA Fees:

Based on the athlete’s classifications, fees can vary within that specific age group.

Cancellation & Refunds

Refunds are always hard to call but given the amount of time and effort that goes into creating our programs / hiring our coaches and possible denying other athletes spots on ‘full teams’ the following policies have been established:

Before the Season Starts:  If an athlete asks for a refund before the commencement of the season, defined as more than 6 weeks prior to being on the hill, registration fees less a $50/athlete administration fee will be refunded.

Season Ramp-Up: If an athlete asks for a refund less than 6 weeks prior to being on the hill refunds will/will not be granted on case-by-case bases with registration fee less a $150/athlete administration fee being refunded. Season ramp-up means that MHRC has hired coaches, scheduled athletes into programs/races, and defined teams, etc.

During the Season: We offer no refunds to programs after the start of programs.

Weather Condition Refunds: We offer no refunds to programs due to weather conditions as the weather is beyond the control of the club.  For seasonal challenges as seen in 2015-16 all attempts were made to make up time and provide additional training to athletes when / wherever possible!