Our focus is fun and skill development for established skiers from age six to adult.  Skiers should be mostly parallel and comfortable with speed on all Glen Eden terrain. This minimum level is represented in Level 2 (The Parallel Skier) of the Snow Stars guide from Alpine Canada. Milton Heights programs are a natural progression from Glen Eden’s Snow School, especially the Academy programs.  Milton Heights registration requires Skill Level 5 in Glen Eden Snow School. We can help with assessing skills and partner with Glen Eden’s Snow School if development is required. 

Racing Development Program – a helmet with hard ears and no equipment mounts (e.g., GoPro), goggles, one pair of junior skis (race skis not required), soft flex ski boots (racing boots not required), recreational ski poles.

Competitive Programs – U8/10 – as above.

U12 and up – athletes generally grow into the sport and acquire equipment as they go.  Mandatory hard ear helmet with FIS sticker, goggles, both slalom and GS racing skis, racing ski boots, slalom and GS ski poles, shin/face/pole guards, a racing suit. Mouth guards and back protectors are recommended. 

We pride ourselves on being one of Southern Ontario’s best-value racing programs.  Fees vary by program and by date of registration.  Refer to www.miltonheights.com or Snow School – Glen Eden for the latest pricing.  Competitive Program athletes are also required to become Alpine Ontario members.  All participants require an appropriate Glen Eden lift pass.

Racing Development Program – Regular season is eight weeks, generally starting the second week of January; Saturday or Sunday morning from 9 – 12.

Competitive Programs – optional “dryland training” on Sunday mornings from late September – November (no extra cost) and Christmas camp Dec. 27-31 (with two “away” training days requiring lift ticket).  Regular season is nine weeks starting the first week of January; U8/10/12 are Saturdays + Sundays from 8:30-2:30; U14 on Thurs 6-9 +Sunday 9:30-9:30 and U16/19 on Wednesday 6:30-9 + Sunday 10:30-4:30.

Yes, a valid lift pass from Glen Eden is required. Glen Eden’s Advantage Season Pass offers great value, and the “family” and “early bird” options make it even better value. Visit Glen Eden’s website for details and to purchase. 

Milton Heights in Southern Ontario’s most affordable alpine racing program.  This is because we are a non-profit organization where the majority of activities are performed by parent volunteers.  This is a great way to keep costs down, have parents interact with the kids and have fun with other families at the club. The fee ranges from $150 to $350 and required hours range from 7 to 22, both depending on how many athletes are registered and for which programs. The Volunteer Fee is only charged in cases where volunteering hours are not completed – it is rare for this fee to be charged since most families have fun getting involved.

Racing Development Program – two timed fun races per season, both at Glen Eden

Competitive Programs – Race schedules are determined annually by Alpine Ontario.  There are generally four races per season for each team (i.e., age group), held at hills across Alpine Ontario’s Southern Ontario Division. Races occur roughly every few weeks from mid-January until late February.

TNT for Adults – two timed fun races per season at Glen Eden.

Yes.  Milton Heights Coaches are employed by Glen Eden and deliver our racing programs in partnership with Milton Heights.  All have achieved certification through the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (CSIA) and many are also accredited by the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation (CSCF).

Milton Heights and Glen Eden partner to offer a pathway for our young athletes to become snow school instructors and racing coaches. At age 13 as a Volunteer and age 14 as an Apprentice, our athletes can begin to develop the skills and experience required. We will help our athletes learn about Canadian Ski Instructors Association and Canadian Ski Coaches accreditation requirements.