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Please send questions related to MHRC COVID-19 protocols to

We cannot provide health advice and will redirect you to Halton Public Health or Telehealth Ontario for health-related questions.

(as of December 6th, 2020)


The health and safety of our members, their families and the broader community is our primary concern.

Face Masks

Properly fitting face masks or face coverings that cover both nose and mouth shall be worn while indoors. Please note that a face shield is not an adequate substitute for a face mask or face covering. Similarly, ski “buffs” are not considered an appropriate mask while indoors. While outside, some form of ski-appropriate face covering should be worn at all times.

Hand Hygiene

Hands shall be sanitized upon entry to Clubhouse using the cleaning station located immediately inside the Clubhouse entrance.

Prepping to come to the Club… daily attestations

Up to eight hours before each session, athletes or their parents will be required to complete a COVID-19 attestation using TeamSnap – these are the same questions we have all become accustomed to. This is non-negotiable for participation, so it is essential that parents remember to do this.  Any child who arrives without an attestation complete in TeamSnap WILL NOT be permitted to participate in that session and they will also not be allowed to wait indoors at the Clubhouse given the lack of the attestation.  There is no flexibility on this point, to avoid upset and disappointed children please be sure this is taken care of in advance.

Contact Tracing

Attendance shall be tracked for all athletes using TeamSnap and for other Clubhouse entrants using a log sheet at the main door.


Given current public health guidance, there is presently a cap of ten participants allowed inside at any given time. Every effort should be made to minimize traffic inside the clubhouse. As noted above, masks should be worn at all times and physical distancing should be maintained.

Clubhouse Use

At present, the Clubhouse is intended for use by athletes only. The Clubhouse won’t be available for other members to keep things in or to wait / warm up in.

Participants other than athletes who request to briefly enter the Clubhouse (e.g., to help a young athlete) must first agree to fully comply with these COVID-19 Clubhouse Use Protocols at all times, failing which he/she will be required to leave the Clubhouse immediately. Participants shall only be permitted inside the Clubhouse after completing a MHRC COVID-19 Daily Attestation Form confirming they are free of symptoms and exposure and if a properly fitting face mask that covers both nose and mouth is worn at all times.


We are asking all members to do everything possible to minimize time indoors, including using the washrooms.  That said, we recognize that especially for our younger athletes that bathroom breaks are inevitable – the facilities will be available subject to the Face Mask and hand hygiene noted above.  Glen Eden washrooms will also be available, following similar COVID-19 protocols.


While Halton is in the “Red” zone our Canteen will offer window service only, from the front deck.

Given shorter training blocks this year and the four-hour skiing windows available at Glen Eden, we do not expect full meals to be necessary. As such, only snacks and limited beverages will be available in the Clubhouse; for greater clarity, no hot food service will be offered.  Participants are also encouraged to bring their own food and drinks.

Payment Processing

Our old “binder system” is going away! To minimize possible transmission points, the Canteen will be exclusively “cashless” this year, with pre-paid cards available to all members.  Prepaid cards can be loaded by debit or credit.  There will be no option to pay with cash, so be sure to get your prepaid cards – watch for more details, coming soon.


Common areas (including seating) shall be cleaned after each training group break by volunteers and shall be tracked using a log.  The Clubhouse will also be cleaned each night by Glen Eden staff with “deep cleans” several times per week after heavy traffic days.


Volunteer Requirements

Requirements for this year have been set as follows: 3 hours for Development (one athlete); 10 hours for Competitive (one athlete) or 20 hours for Competitive (two or more athletes); 3 hours (two or more athletes).  Signup for volunteering will still happen online using Signup Genius, more details coming soon.

Volunteer COVID-19 daily attestations

Volunteers inside the Clubhouse will be required to log their attendance and complete a paper-based COVID-19 attestation each day.


Before Arriving

For those who have reviewed Glen Eden’s plans (linked below), you will have seen that skiers/boarders need to book four-hour time-slots and pick up printed lift tickets on arrival (even for pass holders).  This is so Glen Eden can adhere to attestation and contact tracing requirements.  MHRC athletes will need to book their training times online in advance for all sessions.  Our understanding is that Glen Eden will publish more details on this process shortly and we will pass it along as soon as it is available.  We recognize that this is a very different requirement and we are committed to working with Glen Eden to make it as smooth as possible.

As noted above, the daily COVID-19 athlete attestation needs to be completed in TeamSnap.

Athletes will need to be dressed to be on-snow and ready to go.

We also encourage athletes to have a small backpack with a snack or drink, change of gloves, hand warmers, etc. – see below regarding bag storage.

Athlete Arrival

Exact details are being worked out by Glen Eden and will be shared as soon as they are available. Our understanding is that the online reservation generates a confirmation which is shown at the ticket window in order to get that day’s four-hour pass.

All Participants taking part in Club activities should arrive dressed for training/races with appropriate attire on, including ski boots.  With hard caps on clubhouse use, this is another area where we will need to be strict.

Athletes will meet with their coaches on-snow in front of the clubhouse.

Late arrivals can check in at the Canteen window, where we will have a radio to advise coaches.

During Training

Parents who are not skiing will be asked to wait in their cars or do errands nearby in Milton.  They may not wait at the base of the hill or in the Clubhouse or lodges.


There are four picnic tables available on the front and side decks. Appropriate distancing should still be maintained.

Backpacks and bag storage

Please do not bring large ski gear or boot bags.  Clubhouse cubbies will not be available, nor can bags be left in other places inside the Clubhouse.

Athletes may bring a small backpack that can be brought with them to the top of the hill where hooks will be available.  Note that MHRC cannot be held responsible for loss, damage or theft of any bags.

Inclement Weather

Given the constraints on our indoor space, it is possible that program times might be shortened on very cold or wet days – it will depend on conditions and the discretion of the coaching staff, looking out for the best interests of our athletes. We ask that parents monitor expected conditions and remain reasonably close by in the event that a session needs to be shortened. As noted above, there will not be sufficient space for athletes to wait for pickup indoors if this happens.

Check here for additional information on Glen Eden’s opening plan

Thank you in advance for following these guidelines to ensure a safe and smooth experience for our athletes.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

MHRC Board