Board + Committees

2022- 2023 Board of Directors

The volunteer Board of Directors meets about 12 times per year. The Board's main goal is to set policies and overall goals and to oversee the implementation of these policies and goals.

That being said, and truth be told, as MHRC is a volunteer club, the implementation policies and goals is often done by Board Members and whatever parental help we can find!



2022- 2023 Race Committee

The Race Committee meets about 9 times per year. The race committee's main goal is to act as the contact point between parents, coaches and MHRC board.  Working with our Race Director and Head Coach the committee organizes and runs our race programs for our athletes.

Role & Responsibilities of Team Managers

  • To offer administrative support to team families
  • Create & distribute parent contact list
  • Have a parents’ meeting during the first weekend of programs to discuss parent responsibilities to their child and team; i.e., get to races on time, assist on the hill when your team is hosting
  • Provide weekly updates to the team regarding upcoming schedule
  • Provide weekly updates to Race Director and Head Coach of the team (include pics and performance for Blog postings)
  • Coordinate travel for away races – car pools – directions & maps
  • Confirm schedules and contact information as well as any rules & procedures that need to be observed at other clubs and communicate same to team families
  • Coordinate parent volunteers to contribute to your team’s hosted race i.e.; gate-keeping, scoreboard, the collection of bibs, awards presentations, etc.
  • Attend a meeting, hosted by the Race Directors at the beginning of the season to learn what to do, and throughout the season to get/provide team updates
  • Connect with the Race Director, Race Administrator and/or Head Coach to resolve any issues