Family Fun Event – Erika Lamb Snowflake Series Race

Family Fun Event – Erika Lamb Snowflake Series Race

On Saturday March 4, MHRC families came together to celebrate their love of skiing and to celebrate Erika’s spirit. With a dual slalom on the schedule, 120 racers signed up to dual it out!

Erika Lamb Toques – for Sales $25

For those that paid race entrance fee you will be getting your limited edition Erika Lamb Toque at the banquet.  Additional toques can be purchased via the registration portal and they will be available for pickup at the banquet!

Race Results & Weekly Fun – Feb 25 & 26

SBX Team

What an AWESOME way to end the Snowboard Ontario Provincial SO Speed Series. Congratulations to ALL MHRC boys.

Saturday, February 25th – SO Speed Series Provincial Finals @ Beaver Valley

  • U14 – Alex Volante – 3rd
  • U16 – Jonah Robb – 3rd,Eric Frost – 4th ,Liam Dobson – 8th,Stephen Cao – 9th,Braden Etmanski – 11th
  • Men’s Open – Tyler Peterson- 5th, Beck Newby – 13th  , RJ Ambler – injured DNS, Christian Kobzar – 18th

Sunday, February 26th – SO FIS Provincial Finals @ Beaver Valley

  • Tyler Peterson – 14th,, Eric Frost – 15th, Christian Kobzar – 17th, Beck Newby – 19th, RJ Ambler – 20th

*Final Provincial Standings is still being calculated and Canadian National Invitations to follow*



U19- Hidden Valley-SL

For the U19 Final Race, a sunny day at Hidden Valley, Muskoka Ski Club turned out to be a great event. 

  • Ladies: Natasha Petter-9, Josie Marshall-14, Madison Hough-15
  • Men: Noah Robb-8, Mack Lebarron-14, Graeme George-15


SL- stands for Sunbathing in Loungers?


U16 Finals-RACE FEST!

U16-Race Fest

Ladies-Birth year 2002- at Caledon-SL



Men: Birth year 2002-at Osler-GS



Men and Ladies: Birth year 2001 at Mansfield-SL (Sunbathing in Loungers?)


U14 Race Fest

Ladies: birth year 2004- Blue Mountain-GS

NOTE: Last Weeks Women’s Results were missed in Blog but definitely worth mentioning:

  • Molly Skeoch – 3rd, Annika Fotr – 5th, Ariel Wheeler 6th



Birth year 2003- Craigleith-SL



Men: -Birth year 2004- Georgian Peaks-GS


Birth year 2003- Devil’s Glen-SL



U10 and JDL Race Glen Eden

Great day and awesome race for all athletes!





Race Result and Weekly Fun Feb 18,19

U19/21 Mansfield

  • Ladies: Ali Nagatakiya-5




U16 Caledon

  • Ladies: PODIUM!!!! Maggie Smart-1, Lizzie Uchida-9
  • Men: James Topping-11


U14 Mansfield

  • Women – Molly 3, Annika 5, Ariel Wheeler 6
  • Men: Alexandre Begin-13, Gnariko Hekimian-15


U12 Hockley Valley

  • Ladies: Gabriella Bonnell-2, Meiling Menin-4, Savannah Stoll-6, Nicole Bucur-7, Majia Fotr-9, Alexa Brickett-11, Leah Pfuetzner-12, Taylor Saunders-15
  • Men: Bennett Robinson-4, Alexander Oh-5, Sebastian Shelton-6, Xavier Tait-7, Shane Taylor-8


And here is our Fearless leader catching a lift to the race hill at Hockley, where Milton Heights helped out running a successful and fun race for the U12s!



MHRC Race Results & Weekly Fun – Feb 10, 11, 12

SBX – SO Speed Series #4

Another successful weekend of racing! Congratulations to all our boys for great speed and focus.

  • U14-Alex Volante- 1st
  • U16-Eric Frost- 2nd, Liam Dobson-3rd, Jonah Robb-4th
  • Men’s Open- Tyler Peterson-3rd, RJ Ambler-9th, Christian Kobzar-9th,  Beck Newby-9th
  • Adaptive-Spencer Clough – 1st, 


U19-Awesome training day at Glen Eden with Coach Rick!



  • Ladies: Lizzie Uchida-6
  • Men: James Topping-19



  • Ladies: Molly Skeoch-11, Annika Fotr-12
  • Men: Alexandre Begin-7, Alexander Kollmann-13


U10 and JD-Caledon

It was an awesome day with over 100 racers participating. Our U10’s and 5 of our Junior Development racers smoked the race hill at Caledon. Everyone had a great time!



U12 – “Older” Siblings hanging at Caledon U10 race




MHRC Race Results & Weekly Fun – Feb 4th and 5th

U19-Caledon, SL

  • Ladies: Natasha Petter-13
  • Men: Noah Robb-11


U14-Horseshoe, SL

  • Ladies: Annika Fotr-7
  • Men: Alexander Begin,8


U12-Milton, SL

  • Ladies: Gabriella Bonnell-2, Meiling Menin-3, Hailey Israel-5, Nicole Bucur-7, Alexa Brickett-8, Taylor Saunders-11, Maija Fotr-12, Maya Silveira-14, Victoria Zhao-15
  • Men: Sebastian Shelton-3, Bennett Robinson-6, Conner Richardson-13



U14-Alex Volante – 3rd

U16-Eric Frost -1Liam Dobson-4, Braden Etmanski -8Jonah Robb-10Stephen Cao-9

Junior Men –Tyler Peterson – 8RJ Ambler – 9Beck Newby – 9Christian Kobzar – 10

Adaptive-Spencer Clough – 1


MHRC Race Results & Weekly Fun – Jan 28,29

JDL & U10 Travel Teams

For many families it was their athletes first ever race and the excitement was definitely in Air!  MHRC hosted a fantastic race at Glen Eden for all our Junior Development and U10 Travel Team Racers! We had 14 FIRST place finishers in the different age groups. Overall TOP finishes for each group were as follows:

  • JDL Girls:   1-Rhian Austin 2-Emma Redding, 3-Grace VanderZouwe, 4-Maya Biasutto, 5-Cassandra Kenny, 6-Nicole Greenland, 7-Kayle Robinson, 8-Gemma Ferreira, 9-Abigail Redding, 10-Danielle Williamson
  • JDL Boys:   1-Drew Emmerton, 2-Hunter Rowsell, 3-Ethan Schofield, 4-Tyler Emmerton, 5-Jeremy Sydor, 6- Connor Henry, 7-Sterling Ott, 8-Carson Whitaker, 9-Carter Belford, 10-Jakub Usakiewicz
  • U10 Travel Girls:    1-Sophia Pfuetzner, 2-Dahlia Stoll, 3-Zara Maccarrone, 4-Mara Bucur, 5-Avery Oh, 6- Kayla Edwards
  • U10 Travel Boys:   1-Maxwell Maccarrone, 2-Simon Begin, 3-Tariku Wales, 4-Jack Thompson, 5-Cody Edwards, 6-Will Lebarron, 7-Walker Thompson



Snowboard Racers

Our Snowboard Race team was smoking the slopes south of the border in Holliday Valley.

Day One (Race #1 & #2)

  • Breaker Boys: Alex Volante – 2nd Place & 2nd Place
  • Youth Men: Eric Frost – 1st Place & 1st Place, Stephen Cao – 3rd
  • Junior Men: Tyler Peterson – 2nd Place & 1st Place, Christian Kobzar –  3rd Place

Day Two (Race #3 & #4):

  • Breaker Boys: Alex Volante – 2nd Place
  • Youth Men: Eric Frost – 1st Place, Liam Dobson – & 1st Place, Braden Etmanski – 2nd Place


And last but not least…..A big shout out to the man behind the camera, Rob Etmanksi



U12 – Chicopee for a GS on Saturday

  • Ladies: PODIUM finish for Gabriella Bonnell who came in 2nd! 5-Meiling Menin, 8-Hailey Israel and a tie for 9th-Nicole Bucur and Savannah Stoll
  • Men: 4-Sebastian Shelton, 5-Alexander Oh



U16-Blue Mountain, Jozo-GS

  • Ladies: 12-Lizzie Uchida







  • Ladies: 12-Alison Nagatakiya, 13-Molly Soloduszkiewicz, 15-Madison Hough
  • Men: 4-Donny Smart

Devils Glen-GS

  • Ladies: 4-Alison Nagatakiya



MHRC – Weekly Fun & Race Results – Jan 21 & 22

We may have had some unusual conditions this weekend, but our athletes had a great time nevertheless.

U10-Mansfield, Jan 21

In the top 15:

  • Ladies: Sophia Pfuetzner-7, Dahlia Stoll-8, Zara Maccarrone-12
  • Men: Maxwell Maccarrone-4, Tariku Whale-6


U12-London-Panelled Slalom, Jan 21

In the top 15: And some PODIUM finishes!

  • Ladies: Savannah Stoll- 2, Nicole Bucur-3, Gabriella Bonnell-4, Hailey Israel-6, Leah Pfuetzner-8, Maija Fotr-9, Victoria Zhao-11, Maya Silveira-13, Alexa Brickett-15
  • Men: Sebastian Shelton-1, Alexander Oh-4, Bennett Robinson-8, Shane Taylor-10



U14-Osler-GS, Jan 21

In the top 15:

  • Ladies: Mara Lupescu-4, Ariel Wheeler-10, Annika Fotr-12
  • Men: Alexandre Begin-11


MHRC – Weekly Fun & Race Results – Jan 14th

Once again our teams where out an about in Ontario, having fun and participating in races!

Juliette Lamb, Race Administrator



SBX-Snowboard Ontario Speed Series, Provincial #1 & #2 @ Sir Sam’s Ski & Bike

An excellent weekend of racing was had by the MHRC SBX Race and 2 Development Team Athletes.  Congratulations to all!

Results: Provincial Race #1 – Saturday, January 14th

  • U14 – Brady McEarchran – 2nd, Alex Volante – 3rd, Rafael More Kushner – 4th
  • U16 -Eric Frost – 4th, Jonah Robb – 5th, Braden Etmanski – 6th,Stephen Cao – 7th, Liam Dobson – 10th
  • Men’s Open – Tyler Peterson – 2nd, RJ Ambler – 9th, Beck Newby – 10th, Christian Kobzar – 11th

Provincial Race #2 – Sunday, January 15th

  • U14 – Alex Volante – 1st, Rafael More Kushner – 4th, Brady McEarchran – 5th
  • U16 – Eric Frost – 3rd, Stephen Cao – 5th, Jonah Robb – 7th, Braden Etmanski – 9th, Liam Dobson – 11th
  • Men’s Open – Tyler Peterson – 2nd, RJ Ambler – 10th, Beck Newby – 11th, Christian Kobzar – 12th



U16, SL at Devil’s Glen

  • Women- Lizzie Uchida-3rd…PODIUM!!!!!
  • Men-       Sebastian Chrzanowski-10th




U10 and U12 Mount St. Louis Training Day (including waffles!!!!)