Important Safety Reminder

To all MHRC members,
While it’s great to have colder temperatures and more snow, we still don’t have fully accessible terrain at Glen Eden (they are working VERY hard on this!).  This past weekend we had several  occasions where some of our younger athletes were out playing on closed terrain.  And in a few cases we had several in MHRC jackets ski across closed terrain to get to the clubhouse.
There are currently snow guns, hoses, snowmobiles and groomers actively moving about on closed terrain.  These risks will be heightened during evening training when it is dark.  This is a significant safety issue and is also a bad example for the general public.
Coaches will watch for this and address it as needed but this is a parental responsibility too.  We ask that you please be sure to remind all program participants that they cannot be out on closed terrain for any reason. Being caught in closed terrain could result in the loss of your lift pass or even suspension from the Club.
Thank you for the support,
Your MHRC Board