PLEASE ENROL – Learn More About our Sport!

Calling all parents and family members… want to learn more about the sport we all love? We encourage all member families to have someone enrol in Alpine Ontario’s FREE level one officials course.  This course teaches the basics of race administration, rules, and the role of a gate judge.

This is a virtual course that is three hours, January 9 at 7pm.

Enrol at the AOA website. (select “Level 1 Alpine & Cross”).  The course itself is free.  There is a $25 annual fee to register yourself with AOA as an official.

We can’t run races without you.  Having an ample number of parents who have completed this course is essential to our club’s ability to host officially accredited races.  

Ask anyone who’s done this, it’s a good use of three hours.  It’s both fun, informative and provides great insights into what your own young athlete is expected to do within a race.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to do this.  Once you’re done, please drop an email to to let us know.


Your MHRC Board