Getting the Right Gear for this Season

Hello MHRC families!

Wondering what equipment your athlete needs and where to get it?  Here’s a reference guide:

Racing Development & U8/10 U12 U14 U16/19 TNT
Skis Recreational skis Multi-event (“kombi”) race skis Both slalom and GS race skis Recreational or race only, no “park/fat/powder” skis
Boots Soft flex recreational with at least two buckles Recreational or race boots (make sure the athlete can flex Race boots when cold) Race boots Athlete’s choice
Poles Recreational Recreational Recreational or race, GS (curved version) optional
Race Suit No Optional Yes Yes
Helmets Hard Ear, with FIS sticker, no device mounts (e.g., GoPro)
MandatoryProtective Gear Goggles GogglesFace, shin and pole guards for slalom
Recommended Protective Gear Mouth guardSpine protector

Check our website for more details and watch this video from our Instagram.

Where to Buy?

Check our MHRC Ski Swap, coming soon on October 19 to 22.  Use our MHRC Classifieds.  Check our fabulous partner, Corbetts.  Did you know? MHRC members receive a special 10% discount at Corbetts in Oakville (proof of membership required, an email on your phone is sufficient).  Corbetts also offers us a season-long tuning special that is $39.99 for MHRC members, regular $65.00!  Corbetts is an amazing partner to our club, with some of the best equipment advisors and boot fitters in southern Ontario!  Go check them out and take advantage of these exclusive benefits.

See you at the Swap!

Your MHRC Board