Summer Update- Registration

MHRC Members:

It’s hard to think of snow when it’s 30+ degrees outside, but it’s that time again!

Your volunteer Board has been hard at work all summer to bring a number of exciting improvements to our club.

Here’s a quick summary:

  1. Registrations will open in August.  Keep an eye on emails from Glen Eden and this address for more updates as they come!  Existing members will have advance notice of a few days to register before the general public.  We fully expect that our programs will sell out – please make sure you get registered ASAP, we can’t do anything to help with the waitlists that we expect will result.
  1. This year we are making things simpler by using Glen Eden’s registration system.  This will align many behind the scenes processes and make life easier (remember last year needing to find and email in your lift pass #?! No more of that!).  There might be a few growing pains as we align a few other processes and forms, so please be patient with us.
  1. Speaking of aligning things better with GE, buying an appropriate lift pass will now be baked into the registration process – at a special discounted rate! Another benefit coming from our integration with Glen Eden programs is access to a “Lesson Pass” similar to other snow school offerings.  Glen Eden has launched a new “Competitive program Lesson Pass”; this pass is valid for 30 min before and after any program you are enrolled in on all days that your program is running. This is a great new option for families in Competitive Programs and offers a savings of $80 – $160 over the previous Advantage Pass that was a requirement for all competitive program families.  Those wishing to purchase another type of pass are welcomed to do so, providing it is valid at all times you are training.  TNT members will continue to be able to utilize the 5 Day, 7 Night pass; and the Advantage Pass or Family Advantage Pass continue to be options that would suit everyone.
  1. In the face of the inflation that everyone is feeling, we have worked very hard to keep prices down.  We have also listened to member feedback to simplify things.  What you’ll see is that we’ve blended the “family fee” into individual programs fees.  And while program fees will be up slightly, when combined with the discounted lift pass, we’re quite pleased that overall costs will stay relatively flat.
  1. JDL is merging with Glen Eden’s “Learn to Race” Academy program and will now be known as “Racing Development” (exact name TBD).  We are excited to share that this change will allow us to go back to offering both a Saturday and Sunday option for JDL.  Also, we will be able to offer a “Racing Development Camp” at GE over Christmas to increase the options that developing skiers have available to join us and give racing a try!

Enjoy summer and keep your eyes peeled for more information, coming soon!

Your MHRC Board