2022/23 Awards Update

Dear members and athletes,

With the school year behind us, we hope that you and your families are looking forward to enjoying the sun and warmer weather.

Following the Banquet, the Board undertook a review of the published awards rules vs the rules “in practice”. The review identified that published rulesets have not evolved with the practiced criteria and the lack of detailed documented instructions on how to address specific scenarios has allowed room for interpretation that in turn resulted in confusion for our athletes and parent members equally.

To address the gaps in our documented processes and remedy the situation for the 2022-2023 season, the Race Director has put forward a motion (approved by the Board of Directors) to award the following ties:

  1. U16 Girls: Jayme Leslie and Averey Campbellford tied for 3rdplace
  2. U19 Boys: George Bartlett and Connor Henry tied for 1stplace

Throughout the summer, a Board sub-committee will review the awards rules and propose changes to address current gaps in awards scoring criteria ahead of the start of 2023/2024 season. The refreshed award rules will be reviewed with membership and athletes at the start of 2023/2024 season.

We would like to recognize the great performances our athletes have had this past season and congratulate each and every one of them. Below is the list of our 2022/2023 season top 5 female and male athletes for each age group:

U12 Female:

  1. Kaiya Pan
  2. Faith Zwarich
  3. Aliyah Dewees
  4. Erica Georgescu
  5. Teagan McEvoy

U12 Male:

  1. Tyler Udovic
  2. Adam Herrington
  3. Alexander Rose
  4. Carson Baxter
  5. Thomas Cieslak

U14 Female:

  1. Mara Bucur
  2. Avery Oh
  3. Teia Garcia
  4. Kylie Udovic
  5. Tara Dosen

U14 Male:

  1. William Watkins
  2. Ashton Baxter
  3. Connor Rebstock

U16 Female:

  1. Dahlia Stoll
  2. Maya Allen
  3. Jayme Leslie & Averey Campbellford
  4. Janine Woodley

U16 Male:

  1. Jack Matthews
  2. Aydan Dewees
  3. Luke Hurley
  4. Seth Dubreuil
  5. Sebastian Winstanley-Rose

U19 Female:

  1. Savannah Stoll
  2. Hailey Israel
  3. Maya Silveira
  4. Nicole Bucur

U19 Male:

  1. George Bartlett & Connor Henry
  2. Gunnar Popek
  3. Mateo Ribau
  4. Carter Allen

Wishing everyone a great summer!

Your Board of Directors