February 27 – U16 & U19 – GS Race at Mansfield

Last race of the season, and the team goes out with a BANG…

MAX MACCARRONE placed first in our U16 male SOD group, winning the most points this season. He has been invited to attend the OCUP Finals but is forgoing the race to catch some powder in Revelstoke. WAY TO GO MAX and have fun in Reve!

Best Race Results for GS at Mansfield Sunday:

Boys U16: 3rd Max Maccarrone, 6th Sebastian Shelton, 13th Carter Allen

Girls U16: 20th Maya Allen, 22nd Janine Woodley, 24th Alexa Brickett

Boys U19: 9th Alex Oh, 11th Xavier Tait

Girls U19:  4th Nicole Bucur, 8th Maya Silveira


And thanks to our coaches and parent volunteers! Team work makes a difference.

Another amazing season is in the books and we are already looking forward to next year!

February 27 – U14 – Race at TSC

First and foremost, a big thank you to all of our coaches, the u14 athletes and of course their parents for an awesome and fun season. It came and went quickly with the last u14 SOD race taking place last Sunday at TSC.

Results GS Ladies:  9th Avery Oh, 11th Cassandra Kenny and 12th Mara Bucur

Results GS Men:  10th Neil Ghuman, 23rd Alex Herrington, 25th Sebastian Winstanley Rose

Saw a lot of improvement amongst our athletes. Made me smile to hear them analyze the courses and try to improve their technique and outcome. Loved seeing the camaraderie amongst them. They smiled, laughed and supported each other.

Glad the restrictions eventually eased and gave the parents the opportunity to watch the kids on the course and help with coat running, distributing bibs and lift tickets, herding and keeping them warm with capes. All of your support was not unseen and very much appreciated by all.

Hoping to see you dual it out at the Snowflake event being held on Sunday. Otherwise, have a great March Break and see you all next season.

February 26 – U12 – Race at GE and Invitational Race at Mansfield Feb 25th

U12 had a busy weekend with an invitational at Mansfield and their final race of the season hosted by MHRC at Glen Eden.

5 Team members headed to Mansfield on Friday, February 25th.  After braving winter weather to get there, the team had a great day and represented the club well.  Congratulations to Adam H, Aliyah D., Ashton B, Kaiya P., and Keely M.!

The last race of the season was a huge success – a first place win and many personal bests!  Kylie brought home gold for the club with top ten finishes from Kaiya and Aliyah.  Way to go girls!  We also had multiple top ten finishes on the boys side – congrats to Ashton, Adam, William and Alexander on their top ten spots.  All racers should be congratulated on the improvement over the course of this season and the MHRC race definitely showed their spirit and their improvement.

February 26 & 27 – U8 & U10 – Training Weekend

February 26 & 27 – JDL – Training Weekend

Look forward to seeing everyone out at the Erika Lamb Series Race on Sunday March 6th.