February 20 – U16 & U19 – Training

U16s & U19s working hard Wednesday and Sunday preparing for their final GS race at Mansfield, February 27th

February 20 – U14 – Training

The season is flying by! The fourth and final SOD race is upon us this Sunday, February 27th. Cameron has been an amazing coach to our athletes and more than accommodating to the parents. Coaches Erik, Emma and Alex are well respected by the kids.The kids have demonstrated positive energy, resilience and patience resulting in improvement on the hills. They are having fun while being helpful and supportive teammates. Many of the parents are there weekend after weekend helping to ensure our athletes are well taken of whether it is coat running, herding, dressing them or any anything else, the kids might need to make sure they are comfortable and prepared.

However, the same group of parents cannot be the only ones helping out as it has been noticed that this is the case thus far. If you are a parent who has not had a chance to help during the races, this Sunday is your chance. Restrictions have lifted and we need your help. Sign up for much needed support on TeamSnap and let’s help everyone out. Thank you to everyone for making this season a good one for our children. See you on Thursday evening as usual and enjoy the week!

February 19 & 20 – U12 – Training

U12s working hard Saturday and Sunday preparing for their final GS race at Glen Eden, February 26th – there is also a group of U12s participating in an Invitational Race at Mansfield on February 25th – Good luck to all!

February 19 & 20 – U8 & U10 – Race at GE and Invitational at Mansfield Ski Club

The U8 & U10 teams joined JDL in a race at Glen Eden on Saturday. The high winds made for a challenging race. It was a great team effort to get the race in! Thanks to everyone who helped out! Congratulations to Tyler Udovic (1st), Thomas Cieslak (2nd), and Justin Rebstock (3rd).

A few of our U8 & U10 racers visited Mansfield for their first GS of the season on Friday. They enjoyed it, and having almost all the clubs in, with more than a 100 kids, it gave them a lot to talk about and watch.

February 19 & 20 – JDL

The JDL 7-9 team really enjoyed their second challenge course of the season at GE – and what a challenge it was! From a start delay because of frozen/iced over locks on the equipment doors, to the blustery weather with 60-70kph winds, to icy conditions. This is a resilient group of kids who are always up for a challenge. Congratulations to everyone.

Nice to see our racers warming up and spending time again in the clubhouse!