February 13 – U16 & U19 – TSC GS Race

It was another exciting weekend for the U16/U19 teams as they completed their 1st GS race of the season. Braving some super chilly and icy conditions, the group traveled to TSC (Toronto Ski Club) at Blue Mountain and posted stellar results!

Top Results:

U16 Boys – Max Maccarrone 2nd, Connor Henry 9th, Carter Belford 10th, Jack Mathews 11th

U16 Girls – Dahlia Stoll 4th, Janine Woodley 17th, Alexa Brickett 18th

U19 Boys – Xavier Tait 4th and Alex Oh 5th

U19 Girls – Nicole Bucur 4th, Savannah Stoll  5th and Maya Silveira 6th


February 13 – U14 – GS at Jozo Weider

Back at the races this weekend. U14 athletes were at Jozo Weider for a GS race. It was a long drive with bad conditions on icy and unsalted roads but all worth it once at the hill. Snow came down like it should and some sun eventually peaked out. Kids and parents had a good time on the hill and back in the lounge and eating inside the restaurants. Official results are not in yet. But our kids did well. In order of their speed:
Avery Oh with a combined time of 1:25:61 , Sophia Jafree 1:31:01, Mia Doesn 1:31:66
Alex Herrington, Ethan Jiang, Erik Neufeld
See you back at training this Thursday night.
Best pic of the day: Team mate helping Team mate


February 13 – U12 – at Chicopee

U12 was back at Chicopee this Saturday.  With the return to a familiar hill and regular training, the racers showed great improvement in their tucking between gates and strong pushes at the finish line.  Congrats to Kylie U on a 3rd place finish in the ladies field and Ashton B. and William W. on their 3rd and 5th place finishes respectively.  Way to go MHRC U12!


February 12 & 13 – U8 & U10 – Training

The U8/U10 team had two successful days of training this past weekend. They are getting ready for their race with JDL on Saturday. A few of our athletes are also heading to Mansfield this Friday for their first GS of the year!

February 12 & 13 – JDL – Training

U7 & U9 JDL team had another great day on the slopes tackling tricky icy conditions and bitter cold once again. Regardless they were undaunted by the challenges and continue to improve by leaps and bounds. They are all looking forward to their second race of the season next weekend.

U10 – U14 JDL  racers trained with their instructors and had adventures managing the cold.  Focus in their lessons was preparing for the next race which will occur next Saturday, details to come.
No racer time/placement information was available from the first JDL Fun Race due to start gate technical difficulties, so all JDL athletes received a participation ribbon and all were declared winners for completing their first race!

**Please make sure to complete your racers Health Attestation on TeamSnap each week!!  We don’t want our racers missing any time on-hill.