January 15 – U16 & U19 – Caledon Race Club – SL Race

The U16-U19 group were in action at Caledon on Saturday completing their first slalom race of the season and for many the first race in 2 years!   Results were awesome but more importantly and despite the cold temperatures (-25 at the start) and the COVID restrictions, the kids had FUN!!

Boys results:

U16: Sebastian Shelton 3rd – Max Maccarrone 5th – George Bartlett 6th – Carter Allen 7th

U19: Xavier Tait 1st

Girls results (only 18 girls out of 48 completed the course)

U16: Alexa Brickett 6th

U19: Nicole Bucur 2nd – Maya Silveira 3rd

The U16 boys did amazing!                            U19 Girls Rocked the course!


The Parent Group, who were not allowed to be on hill helpers, bushwhacked their way to be as close to the course as possible to cheer on the athletes!  Our toes were frosty, and our ability to blend into the trees spotty, however, seeing our kids have fun was worth it!

January 16 – U14 – Toronto Ski Club – SL Race

Congratulations to all of our awesome U14 athletes and their equally amazing parents. I think I can speak for all, Sunday’s race at Toronto Ski Club was a lot of fun and a success. Despite the cold temperature and athlete jitters, the kids were all happy, eager, focused and excited on the hill throughout the day. A big thank you to Coaches Cam, Alex, Erik and Emma for preparing our kids for their first race. Thank you to Derek Joynt and Steve Ford for coat running. Thank you to Manny Ghuman for handing out lift tickets. Thank you to Coach Emma and Coach Alex for taking videos of our racers on course.

On the Female side we had Cassandra and Mara place 2nd and 3rd on the virtual platform respectively. In the words of Coach Cam, “On the Male side we had a few bobbles and hooked gates, but still good to see as that shows we are charging.”


Note from our U14 Team Manager:  Next Saturday, Glen Eden will host our next SL race. We are looking for 4 to 6 qualified (Official Level 1) judges and 4 other course crew volunteers. Please let Jane Oh know, if you can help out. The snow storm is exactly what we needed so hope you welcomed it despite some who might complain of aching backs after all that shoveling.


U12 racers braved the frigid temperatures on Saturday to continue training for their first race next Saturday at Chicopee. They were met with a much warmer training day on Sunday and continued training on the GE race course. They even learned how to help take down the course. All the skiers are excited about their first race this Saturday.

U16 & U19 at Mansfield Race Club for their second SL race of the season.

U8 & U10 Skills Camp at GE with Chicopee Ski Club

Good luck to all!