The health and safety of all our members continues to be our top priority as we plan for the coming season.

As many of you will have seen, Glen Eden has just announced that vaccination will be mandatory for all visitors beginning November 22 and throughout the season. Glen Eden pass holders should check their email for full details.

To summarize our understanding of the requirements, vaccines will be mandatory for everyone aged 12+ and this will be held consistent throughout the season to keep things simple. Glen Eden will again be using an online booking system for visitors and this process will include a health attestation and confirmation of vaccination status. Vaccine confirmation will occur on arrival using provincially approved methods (exact logistics are TBD).

You will likely have also noticed that the majority of other ski areas that we visit have made vaccination mandatory, so this has already been a de facto requirement for any of our competitive racers.

MHRC fully supports this move. We continue to believe that vaccination is a safe and effective way to reduce health risks associated with COVID-19. It is our intention that we will also verify vaccination status and keep a log so that it is only required once.

To be consistent with Glen Eden, this changes our previous position that unvaccinated participants may show a negative test instead. Only documented and government approved medical exemptions will be accepted.

Refunds will be available to anyone who does not want to proceed with participating this season; given these special circumstances we will be extending the “Before the Season Starts” cancellation deadline to December 5 (which means the administrative fee for cancellation is $75 instead of $200). Members also have the option to defer their fees until next season, locking in this year’s pricing.

For refunds or deferrals please email

Other questions on vaccine requirements can be directed to

We look forward to seeing everyone on snow!

Your MHRC Board