Coach & Official Training Coupon Code

Hi everyone.

I have some great news! You will see that coach and officials training courses are being posted on the AOA calendar at  I know that we have some 16 year olds, or soon to be in December, that are eager to take their Entry Level coach course that is being offered at Glen Eden on Dec 21 & 22, yeah us!!!!  New wrinkle as 15 year olds can also take the course, you will receive their “trained” status once you turn 16 years of age and complete a ski evaluation…easy peesy. As a 15 year old this allows you to do 2 things.

First, you can register for the Coach in Training program (Registration for ACA Canadian Ski Coaches 2020-2021 | SnowReg) and be mentored while practicing your coaching skills alongside one of our coaching staff.  Second, you can also continue to apprentice and gain valuable volunteer hours. AND, if that’s not enough, we will soon have a coupon code that you can use to discount the cost of training. Talk about an early Xmas present! The coupon code can also be used to register for the Level 1 Officials course for anyone 15 years old and up. T

This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the rules of our sport. For parents, you can assist during our race days and the time can be applied to your club volunteer hours….if you’re not racing, officiate!

If you have any questions about the programs or if you qualify please contact me at:

Let’s get dancing and think SNOW!!

Brian Opitz

Head Coach