MHRC 2021 Dryland Sunday Oct 3rd – Update

This is an important notification to all that have registered for the Sunday, October 3rd dryland kick-off session.

Please be advised that the START & END TIMES HAVE CHANGED to 9:30a – 11a. This is due to the large response to a Conservation Halton event at the park this coming weekend which is expected to cause traffic congestion leading into the park. By moving our start and end time forward we hope to mitigate undue delays for drop-off and pick-up. It is recommended that you stay in the park after drop-off so as not to risk delays getting back into the park to pick-up your child/children. If you cannot stay and feel pick-up may be a challenge, please make arrangements with another family/parent to pick-up your child/children. MHRC coaching staff are not responsible for making arrangements to get dryland participants back home.

Also, MHRC has been asked to ensure that participants in all activities in park, including regular dryland, have signed the Glen Eden Informed Consent Form. Please use the updated form and bring it with you if your child is participating this Sunday. Truly sorry for any inconveniences this may cause.

Brian Opitz

MHRC Head Coach