Preseason Update For Returning MHRC Members

Hi MHRC Families,

With the cooler weather just around the corner, ski season can’t be far away! This is an update for MHRC families who deferred their racer(s) registration after last winter’s cancelled season.

If you chose to defer (as opposed to those who requested a refund) you should be all set for the upcoming season, with the exception of your Alpine Ontario fees. AOA fees will still need to be paid for Competitive/Travel team members, which can be done by following this link: A reminder that Alpine Ontario fees need to be paid prior to participation in any MHRC activities, including the upcoming dry-land training sessions that begin on October 3rd.

From MHRC’s standpoint:

  • Your MHRC fees are already paid in full
  • Your racer’s spot is secured.
  • All of your required forms and waivers were completed as part of the deferred registration process.

No further action should be required on your part.

If you still have any questions or concerns about registration for the upcoming season please contact the MHRC registrar at:  Otherwise we look forward to seeing you at our ski swap October 14-17 at the Milton Fairgrounds!

Race well!