Volunteer and Apprentice Sign-up!!!

To all 13 and 14-year-old MHRC’rs who want to be part of a team that supports our coaches to deliver training programs NOW is the time the time sign-up. Go to https://gleneden.on.ca/employment.  As a volunteer or apprentice (13 and 14, respectively) you work with the Head Coach and his coaching team to assist with their on-hill activities. You will:

  • learn how to use equipment
  • help set training lanes and environments
  • prepare and maintain the training track to ensure it is safe for athletes
  • shuttle equipment and training materials
  • help with managing start area during training and competitive events
  • be involved with coaches in delivering training sessions
  • help in clean up activities after training and races
  • assist Ski School instructors and learn how to teach skiing
  • receive mentoring from coaches and instructors
  • get extra time on your skis
  • gain volunteer hours for school

Being part of the volunteer/apprentice program is an essential pathway to get prepared for certification training. At age 15 (minimum) you can attend the Canadian Ski Instructor Alliance Level 1 training session to become a certified instructor. Once achieved, you can apply to Glen Eden for a paid ski instructor and/or MHRC junior coach position. At 16 years of age (minimum) you can attend the Canadian Ski Coach Federation Entry Level coach session to become a trained coach. Use your skills, feed the passion!


Brian Opitz

Head Coach