MHRC 2020-21 Dryland Training *Reminder*

MHRC Competitive Racers:   Dryland Program

Our competitive program registration includes dryland training sessions held every Sunday from 10:00 am to noon at Glen Eden or event location, beginning on October 4th and ending on November 29th. Program participation is not mandatory but is a great way for athletes to work on their fitness to prepare for the racing season. The program offers a variety of fun and challenging activities supervised by MHRC coaches focused on improving the athlete’s overall level of fitness. Participants will be engaged in various outdoor endurance and strength activities plus additional fee-based activities including mountain biking, indoor ski ramp and challenge climbing zone (these activities are supervised by external trained and certified instructors). All activities are limited to athlete participation. If parents only want to spectate, they will need to register separately through the HRCA reservation system (  It is mandatory that AOA registration is completed to ensure athletes have insurance coverage.

Registration is required in advance of each Sunday session on Team Snap (*links below on each event/time slot) and complete online payment for activities where required.  **Registration will close by noon on the Friday prior to the Sunday’s event as the park requires a list of participants in advance.  Participants are requested to wear weather appropriate athletic clothing, bring face masks, personal water bottles and a yoga-style mat for ground cover. There are no make-up sessions for weather related cancellations.

*Fee based activities

**GE/MHRC Consent Form is required for Oct 11, 18 &25 events. Please print, complete and have ready when attending the event.

Details for each activity requiring payment:

Challenge Course Day – Oct 18

Cost: $30+hst/participant

Time: 2.5 hrs (9:30 am-12:00 pm) 1.25 hrs at each of Aerial Course and Climbing Tower


Activity Experience

  • Participants will arrive at Challenge Course Hut for 9:15 am with waivers signed by parents
  • Participants will be split into two groups and given harnesses/helmets that will be useable on all features
  • Challenge course staff will take each group to separate activities have them complete Harnessing/Ground School training.
  • Groups will switch at 10:45a
  • No free fall this season
  • Participants will sanitize hands before and after each feature
  • Gear will be disinfected and not shared between participants
  • Participants are required to have a mask on their person for the duration of the session. They will not need to mask up unless prompted to do so by a staff member in the event of emergency. If staff need to come within physical distancing recommendations with participants to assist with harness fitting both parties will need to be masked up
  • Weather appropriate clothing and running shoes required. If staff need to come within physical distancing recommendations with participants to assist with harness fitting both parties will need to be masked up
  • Weather appropriate clothing, running shoes required


Guided Mountain Bike Sessions – Oct 11 and 25

Cost: $15+hst/participant with bike; additional $25+hst for rental bike

Time: 2 hrs (10:00 am-12:00 pm)


Activity Experience

  • Group will meet Kelso MTB Instructor at rental shop at 9:45 am, those who rent will be bike fitted
  • Bikes are sanitized between uses and hand sanitizer will be available for all participants prior to the ride
  • The instructor will get a feel for the group’s ability level and provide instruction on the guided ride
  • Participants to wear weather and biking appropriate clothing and helmets. Safety guards not necessary


Indoor Ski Ramp – Nov 1 & 9

Cost: $50+hst/person/hr

Time: 1 hour sessions between 9a – noon

Session: 2 people/ramp, 2 ramps


Activity experience

  • Participants in family bubbles will be kept together
  • Participants will bring their own ski boots, helmets, skis, and ski poles
  • Wear comfortable athletic clothing
  • Arrive 15 mins prior to session to gear up
  • Ramp staff will provide instruction
  • All ramp touch points are sanitized between use