MHRC 2020-21 Season Update

A Message from your Board:

As we get our kids ready to head back to school, online learning, or a combination, we are hearing from some of you that (hopefully happier) thoughts are also turning back to snow.

Your volunteer Board has been hard at work doing planning for the upcoming season, a process that is obviously complicated significantly by COVID-19 and the new requirements it introduces so that our community stays healthy and safe.  The good news is that public health authorities seem to be agreeing that the on-snow component of the sport we love is very low risk.  The tougher news is, there are many other considerations for us to plan for.

Right now, we can tell you a few things for certain:

  1. We will have a virtual annual general meeting this fall to ensure the Club remains well-governed. Stay tuned for details in a few weeks.
  2. Dryland training for athletes in competitive programs will take place in the fall. Again, we hope to have details out in a few weeks.
  3. Given Covid-related restrictions we have taken the very difficult decision to not have a ski swap this fall. This decision was not made lightly and reflects current public-health guidance with consideration of the operating realities we face as a volunteer-run club.
  4. Another outcome of Covid-19 uncertainty is that we have been unable to recruit a suitable SBX coach and as such, it is very unlikely we will be able to run that program in the coming season.

We would love to be in a position where we could provide definitive guidance on what the coming season’s programming will look like.  Unfortunately, like many things right now, that simply isn’t possible.  There are many things we are still working on:

  1. Implications for our pre-season training camp for Competitive teams at Mt. Tremblant.
  2. Caps on the number of people who can be in the clubhouse and ways to manage physical distancing within the clubhouse.
  3. Changes to cleaning and sanitation in the clubhouse.
  4. Restrictions on food service at the clubhouse canteen.
  5. Changes to program dates and times that might be necessary depending on density restrictions at Glen Eden.
  6. Race schedules, particularly for Competitive teams, which are likely to be very constrained this year based on the logistical challenges of running inter-club events.

All of our planning is based on public health guidance, information from Alpine Ontario and working closely with Glen Eden to reflect their operating requirements.

We will be back in touch with more updates as they are available.  Our goal is to have a position on the above considerations by mid-October.  That said, all of this planning is occurring knowing full well that if circumstances change broadly, then so too must our plans. In the face of that uncertainty, we ask for your continued support and patience.


Your MHRC Board of Directors