Update on MHRC Banquet

Hello MHRC members,

Our banquet is fast-approaching.  We want all of you to know that we are closely monitoring developments as it relates to Covid-19 (aka coronavirus). As of now, the official position of Canadian Sports Medicine Advisory Committee and Alpine Ontario is that cancelling events is not necessary; this is consistent with the most recent information from Health Canada. Circumstances are obviously fluid and we will continue to monitor the latest available information each day.  We will make a final determination on whether to proceed with the banquet by March 19 at the latest – please watch your email for updates.  In the event that we do cancel, existing ticket purchases will be refunded and we will re-book for later this year.

We look forward to celebrating the season with all of you and will be guided by the latest available information to ensure it is a safe and fun event.


Your MHRC Board