YOUR MHRC RACE RESULTS SIXTH WEEK OF RACING : February 22 to February 23, 2020

February 23rd – U16 & U19 – Osler Bluff Ski Club – Final GS

It was a beautiful Sunday for the U16 & 19’s last regular scheduled race of the season.  The sun was out, the sky was blue and the skiing was fast.  So fast, that we started with a few collisions before the race got underway, taking Mattie Stephens and Kaifeng Pan out of the race.  Kaifeng was okay with only a minor headache and Mattie suffered a bloody nose, bruised jaw and a hit to the head.  To be safe, he was taken to hospital to be checked out, noting a mild concussion.  Mattie is feeling much better as well is Kaifeng.   The race was underway and our girls were looking great, with speed getting over the pitch at the top of the course.  Maya Silveira’s run was looking good, then 4 gates from the finish she caught her downhill ski in the heavy snow and took a nasty fall, landing on her shoulder and scraping her chin as she slid down the hill.  The boys also started strong, looking fast.  Xavier Tait was tucking before the pitch to get some great speed, but then caught his downhill ski in the heavy snow and took nasty tumble shooting him forward into an air somersault and sliding on his back.  Both racers are sore but feeling much better.  Great to see everyone pushing hard in their last race of the season!

Top U16 Girls:  Nicole Bucur 21st, Savannah Stoll 25th and Hailey Israel 26th  / Top U16 Boys:  Alex Kollmann 16th, Shane Taylor 26 and Alex Oh 28th

Top U19 Girls:  Ariel Westfahl 4th, Dominque Pawlak 5th, Alexandrea Rodger 6th and Isabelle Johnston 7th  / Top U19 Boys: Ryan Sweetman  5th

February 23rd – U14 – RaceFest – SL & GS (Girls-Mansfield, Boys-Craigleith)

This past Sunday, the U14’s took their skills on the road with the girls heading to Mansfield and the boys going to Craigleith to participate in the annual RaceFest event. RaceFest is an event where the Girls and Boys get to compete against all the other U14 SOD racers of their gender and not just the racers that are in our regular bracket. The race format is one run GS and one run SL, then they combine the 2 times and the winner gets an entry into the OCUP finals in March. The competition is very steep, not only with quality but with quantity too as the events had 167 girls and 164 boys show up to race. Congrats to all the Boys and Girls that gave it 110% and represented MHRC very well. Our top 5 boys and girls are as follows:

8th-Sophia Pfuetzner
35th-Leah Pfuetzner
76th-Alexa Brickett
80th-Adriana Bianchi
87th-Avah Austin
34th-Max Maccarrone
38th-Jack Thompson
45th-George Bartlett
65th-Carter Allen
72nd-Carter Belford


February 23rd – U12 – Glen Eden – Kombi Race

U12 boys and girls experienced crisp, bluebird race conditions on Sunday at Glen Eden hosting a fun and challenging Kombi course for SOD ski clubs from Hockley to London. Thanks to an incredibly well-run event led by our Head Coach, Tech Director and Race Administrator, the race event seemed flawless as more than 100 athletes raced across the finish line. A big thanks to all the parent volunteers on course at the start and finish of the race and all the volunteers in the clubhouse canteen who flipped burgers and graciously served our guests and members! MHRC was again the team with the most points..

Race results girls:  1st Cassandra Kenny, 3rd Avery Oh , 4th Mara Bucur, 9th Mia Dosen, 10th Tara Dosen, 17th Avery Champelford

Race results boys:  1st Neil Ghuman, 2nd Sterling Ott, 5th Simon Begin, 7th Sebastian Winstanley Rose, 11th Alex Herrington, 12th Zach Ting, 18th Ayden Dewee, 19th Melcom Gourley

Go Milton Heights Racing Club!!

February 22nd – Development, U8 & U10 – Glen Eden – Kombi Race

Milton Heights Racing Club hosted the final home race for the Development Team and U8/U10 Competitive Teams on Saturday.  The athletes overcame the steep, icy conditions up top and embraced the fun, challenging kombi course to before crossing the finish line to cheers from proud parents and teammates.  Special thanks to Head Coach Brian, his team of coaches and apprentices, our Race Administrator Juliette Lamb, and all the parent volunteers on and off the course for fun-filled, bluebird day of racing.  Check out our Milton Heights Facebook and Instagram pages @MiltonHeightsRacingClub for pics.  Or download here from Dropbox until March 31st.

If your athlete embraced the competitive spirit from this weekend, be sure to sign up for our MHRC Open House Fun Day on Saturday March 7th to learn more and register for the competitive team next season.