February 8 – U12 – Boler Mountain- GS Race

The U12 team traveled to London’s Boler Mountain on Saturday to participate in their first giant slalom race.  MHRC females and males dominated the podium with 5 of the top 10 finishes in both categories!  Congratulations to all the athletes, coaches, and parents who went the extra distance on race day.  A special thanks to London Ski Club for their persistence ensuring the timing wand at the start operated in perfect form.  The slight race delay allowed athletes more time to warm up and embrace the fun excitement of race day.

Top Females

1st place – Mia Dosen
3rd place – Cassandra Kenny
5th place – Avery Oh
6th place – Mara Bucur
8th place – Tara Dosen
13th place – Averey Campbellford
Top  Males
2nd place – Simon Begin
3rd place – Sterling Ott
4th place – Neil Ghuman
9th place – Marko Dosen
10th place – Ethan Jiang
13th place – Sebastian Winstanley-Rose
15th place – Nolan Hofrichter
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February 8 – U16 – Racefest Girls:The Heights and Boys: Hidden Valley SL&GS

Well winter is definitely back! -26C in Huntsville for the men’s event but turned out to be a beautiful sunny day! Hear the races at The Heights were equally enjoyable.

Results for the Girls, Nicole Bucur 15th in the GS and 10th for the SL  leading our Women’s group

Results for the Boys GS, Alex Kollmann 17th, Alex Oh 19th and Sebastian Brickett 21st and for the SL, Sebastian Brickett 16th, Alex Kollmann 18th leading for our Men’s group!


February 9 – U16 & U19 – The Heights of Horseshoe – SL Race

Wow what a weekend, cold sunny conditions for the U16 Race Fest races on Saturday, and another solid day today although the wind definitely had a bite. Glad to see the whole team racing today, need to work on getting a full team picture.

Congratulations to Hailey Israel for leading the charge in the U16 Women’s race in 17th place and Nicol Bucur 20th, and scratching at the podium Alex Kollmann 4th and Shane Taylor 19th in the U16 Men’s race. Alyssa 5th and Alexandra 6th in the U19 Women’s race, and Ryan 4th in the U19 Men’s race!


February 9 – U14 – Blue Mountain/Jozo – GS Race

This past Sunday the U14’s packed up and headed north to Blue Mountain for our first GS race of the season. The forecast was calling for bitter cold but in the end the clouds parted and we had beautiful sunny skies to go along with the great snow conditions. While all the racers enjoyed the great conditions, it was the racers from Milton Heights that truly excelled. MHRC had 3 top 10 finishes in both men and women and 3 out of 6 podiums combined!!! Well done racers, coaches and parents.
Top Women
3rd-Dahlia Stoll
4th-Leah Pfuetzner
5th-Sophia Pfuetzner
18th-Yara Sabolic
Top Men
2nd-Jack Thompson
3rd-Bennett Robinson
5th-Maxwell Maccarrone
14th-Carter Allen
15th-Sebastian Shelton
16th-Carter Belford
18th-Harrison Hogan