Christmas Camp Day 3 & Day 4 for Competitive Teams

As there may be some confusion, we just want to clarify; there is away training during Day 3 and Day 4 of our Christmas Camp for our competitive teams only.

Day 3 of Christmas Camp – Dec 29th training will be held at Mt. St. Louis for all competitive teams.

All racers and skiing parents will need a ticket. If you already have a pass or a ticket, we look forward to seeing you at Mount St. Louis, ready to go at 9:00 am on Dec 29th. If you don’t have a ticket you can go onto our registration site and buy as many as you need for that day.

If for any reason you cannot come to MSLM and want to stay at Glen Eden, PLEASE let us know so that we can have a coach at the club house.


Day 4 of Christmas Camp – Dec 30th training will be at MSLM as well but only for the senior teams; U14/U16/U19.

All racers and parents will need a ticket. Our registration site is also open for ticket purchases for Day 4, Dec 30th.  Tickets for MSLM will be $55. Incl. HST.

U10/U12 teams will be at Glen Eden for training on Day 4.

Juliette Lamb

Race Administrator, Milton Heights Racing Club