A Letter from your Board – November 2019

A Letter from your Board,

On behalf of the Club, we would like to say thanks to all the members and athletes who supported our MHRC Ski & Snowboard Swap hosted at Glen Eden at the end of October!  As a not-for-profit club, we’re proud to share that we raised 23% more than last year towards supporting our club for the 2019/2020 season!

At our general meeting in May we went through our annual practice of electing a new Board. We thank our departing Board members, Sherry Westfahl, Dave Balne, Marc Leveille, and Jacqueline Zhu for their dedication and contributions to MHRC. Unfortunately our President, Shawn Murray, resigned due to personal and business reasons in mid-August.  We sincerely thank Shawn for his many years of service as well as his contributions and commitment to the club.

Your current board for the 2019/20 season is as follows:

      • President – Mike Henry (New to the Board)
      • Vice President – Vacant
      • Treasurer – Tiffany Wilson
      • Volunteer Coordinator/Secretary – Lavinia Bucur
      • Membership & Communication – Julie Robinson
      • Technical/IT – Lisa Silveira (New to our Board)
      • Past President – Paul Dandy
      • Co Race Directors – Scott Robb & Scott Thompson (New to our Board)
      • Operations/Clubhouse – Steve Shelton
      • Marketing/Sponsorship – Koreen Ott (New Position and New to our Board)

We are excited to have Brian Opitz join us again as Head Coach. Brian is well underway with developing our 2019/20 training, racing and coaching plan. Juliette Lamb also rejoins as our Administrator along with many familiar faces amongst our coaches.

What have we been doing?

In July our Board held a planning and strategy meeting. We were excited to have Mark Thompson (a member at our club) from McKinley Solutions donate his time to help guide us through this very important process. Thanks Mark!

What were the outcomes of the Strategy Meeting?

A long list of items came out of this strategy meeting, which the board continues to prioritize and tackle. We have placed them on our Strategic Roadmap, which will focus on the following areas: Long Term Strategy, Governance, Programming, Membership, Coaching, Member Onboarding, Sponsorship and Marketing.

We need your help! 

We are a volunteer-run club and rely on our membership for their time, contributions and expertise.  Specifically, we are seeking your assistance to join the following “task forces:”

      • Membership recruitment—Increase our membership specific to the U8, U10 and U12 programs
      • Sponsorship—Increase Sponsorship by leveraging parent connections
      • On-going Marketing/Social Media outreach
      • End of Year Banquet – Help plan our 2020 even

To find out more or volunteer for a certain task force, please click here on our Miltonheights.com website.  Click the contact link and enter your email; subject line and details of how you would like to help.  Your information will be directed to the appropriate task force leader. By joining a task force, you will be credited for 3hrs of volunteer time against your annual requirement of 16 hrs.

Registration Dates:

Our Early Bird and Pre-Season Registration are now closed and our Regular Season Registration rates are in effect.

Dryland Training (For Competitive Teams Only): 

Our MHRC athletes are already enjoying Dryland training. Sessions run every Sunday (since Oct 6th) from 10am-12pm until December 1st.

Important –Dryland Training at Glen Eden is a sanctioned coaching event under Alpine Ontario. To participate, all athletes require Alpine Ontario (AOA). This is the same insurance that is required during the ski season. Please remember to register first for your MHRC competitive program and AOA in order to participate.

Pre-Season Camp at Mont Tremblant:

Embrace the season early with our Pre-season Ski & Snowboard Camp at Mont-Tremblant! 5 Day Camp Wed. Dec. 11-15th. Includes dedicated MHRC coaches and 2 days of dedicated gate training on a reserved hill. Or choose the 3 Day Camp Fri. Dec. 13th to 15th. Plus, enjoy a special discounted rate for MHRC members at Le Lodge de la Montagne or Sommet des Neiges. Register here before Nov. 24th or contact Tiffany by email at tiffanyw@miltonheights.com or Juliette at jlamb@hrca.on.ca for more info. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of our board members.  We are looking forward to an exciting and fun-filled season.

Mike Henry
Milton Heights Racing Club