More opportunities to make a difference

Dear MHRC families,

With snow finally on the ground and the training/racing season well under way, it is time to start looking ahead and start planning for the MHRC seasons to come. There are opportunities for members to actively participate in 2 new initiatives:

1)     Marketing/increased membership committee:

Under the leadership of Koreen Ott, the committee will work on drafting a short term/long term marketing strategy for MHRC, with the main goal of increasing the membership base. The strategy will be presented to the Board for review and approval.

2)     Sponsorship committee:

Under the leadership of Mike Henry, the committee will work on drafting a sponsorship strategy for MHRC and present to the Board for review and approval. The team will be responsible to coordinate sponsorship efforts and activities for the Club.

The ideal candidates are energetic, creative, like to get involved and make a difference. These positions require a longer term commitment. We need teams committed to planning for a solid execution next season.

From a time commitment perspective, the committees will meet bi-weekly throughout the season and once a month off season, with on-going communication in between. The time will be counted against the required volunteering hours.

Many thanks to Koreen Ott and Mike Henry for their kind offer to take on the leadership roles for these committees.

Should you be interested in participating in these committees or require additional information, please reach out to

Looking forward to hearing from you.