Coach’s Corner

This Sunday is another dryland session running from 10am to noon, starting and ending at the lower parking lot. The forecast is for much cooler temperatures so layers are important and light gloves might worthwhile.  Please bring water bottles (room temperature liquids, remember it’s not summer any longer!) and yoga mats or an old towel to protect clothing. All alpine athletes are requested to bring their ski poles, SBX athletes will be using our tennis balls.

The focus for this session is on competitive activities, both on testing your limits and testing yourself against others. At our first session we set some benchmarks of physical endurance and speed. During this session the athletes will see how they have progressed in getting ready for the season. We also run activities that will simulate racing through courses in what we’ll call “the mega multi” slalom. As we begin to get snow ready, we will remind ourselves on what it takes to complete a course, turn mechanics and execution, use of poles (alpine), body position and separation. We will be mindful of the day’s significance and break at 11am for Remembrance Day.

Also, our SBX coaches promised that they will stop in at the start to answer any questions. School workload and related commitments last week caused a change in plans to this week, apologies for any inconvenience.

See you Sunday and think snow!

Brian Opitz

Head Coach