Coach’s Corner

Reminder for Dryland

Dryland is scheduled for this Sunday, October 28th from 10am to noon meeting at the boat rental parking lot (first right when passing the entry kiosk). A reminder that it is mandatory for athlete participation to have registered and paid their AOA (Alpine Ontario) insurance, otherwise they will not be allowed to participate.

The weather forecast is for cool and wet weather all weekend so please ensure the athletes are dressed appropriately and we will do our best to stay dry as possible. We will be combining elements from last week’s postponed session with this week’s plan. The plan is to do some speed and agility to start and then go to strength and endurance. If the weather causes too many challenges then our fallback will be to go to the clubhouse.

Parent Handbook

Alpine Ontario recently released its Parent Handbook. This is useful resource for all parents and particularly for those with athletes who are new to racing. The handbook provides global information that will help to ensure a positive experience in alpine racing for the athlete and the important role parents play in that effort. I encourage everyone to take a few minutes to give this a read. Here is the link to the handbook: