MHRC Swap start’s Today…

Come find some great deals from Corbett’s and some lightly used, sometimes new items from your fellow club members. 

Don’t forget, you can start shopping at 6:00 PM and you can arrive no earlier than 4:00 PM to drop off your items for sale. 

you can find all the information here on the swap page 

If you submitting a request for your login so you can log your items in the last day or so, you’re not the only one. We are processing the request as fast as possible and they should all be going out within 24-48hrs. 

For those of you (there are 5 of you) who submitted your form between the hours of 10:23 PM last night to 5:32 AM this morning, please re-submit those request. There was maintenance being done on the site and that information did not get to us. If you’re not sure what time you sent it during that approximate time (from 10:23 PM last night to 5:32 AM), just send an email to and we can check if we have received it already. Again, there was only 5 of you affected and only from the hours of 10:23 PM last night to 5:32 AM. If you sent your request at 8:00 PM, we have it all, no not resubmit as it will just slow down the process of getting your login. 

Happy Shopping!