Quick Update on Dryland training:

We have postponed the dates to after Nov 12th so that we can have as many of the team members present for the team building event. Keep checking the Events pages for updates on specific dates and also check your team calendar in TeamSnap.


We have made some significant improvements with new technology in the last season, and we will continue down this path this season as well.

To streamline the flow of information and volume of emails, once all the teams are complete, communication will come via TeamSnap and updated information will be posted on the site. We will make away with the blog so that we can eliminate duplication. Unfurtunelty, we have to continue using the blog until everyone is registered. So hurry up and register!

We are also streamlining calendars. The new events page is a place to see the club-wide events; these events will also be reflected in your TeamSnap team calendars as well as all of the team-specific events and dates.