MHRC 2016-17 Holiday Camp Schedule and Details:

Welcome to the 2016 MHRC Holiday Camp!  Very exciting to have Glen Eden open and filling up with snow quickly! Here are the details you need to have a successful camp.

Looking forward to a great holiday camp with all of you!
Sarah Edwards – Head Coach MHRC

Holiday Camp Expectations

What the athletes can expect from the camp:

With almost 100 ski racers ready to go the focus for everyone this camp is safety, skill development and fun! Skills are developed over time with practice on variable terrain and at different speeds. The goal of the coaches is to introduce and train the skills of; starting, skating, gliding, tucking, jumping, carving, stopping and racing during the camp and to gain confidence and understanding of basic skiing skills.

What is expected from the athletes in the camp:

All athletes are expected to abide by the MHRC code of conduct found HERE which will be reviewed by the coaches during the camp and all athletes will be required to sign an acknowledgement of the contents of the policy.

All athletes are asked to meet their coaches on time, coaches will not wait for late athletes but there is a radio in the clubhouse if a coach needs to be located. If an athlete is going to be late or absent please notify the coach directly.

All athletes must report any current or previous injuries to their coaches and also make aware of any allergies or serious health conditions. This information with remain in confidence with the coach and will be recorded as part of the teams emergency action plan (EAP).

The use of ELECTRONIC DEVICES is generally unnecessary during training, and interferes with respectful listening during group discussions. If the coaches or head coach find that a racer’s electronic device is a distraction, they will take the device away until the end of training or racing.

Terrain Park Passes are required by all MHRC program participants. Training on varied terrain is an important part of ski racing and super fun!


Schedule of Events December 27/28/29/30 + January 5/6

  • 7:30am – MHRC Clubhouse Open
  • 8:15am – Ready on the hill
  • 8:30am – Meet your coaches!
  • 11:00 – lunch U10/12 (30 minutes)
  • 11:30 – lunch U14  + SB (30 minutes)
  • 12:00 – lunch 16/18 (30 minutes)
  • 2:30 – end of training
  • 3:30 – clubhouse closed

Morning Meeting Points at MHRC

  • U08/U10 meet on the deck at the clubhouse
  • U12 meet just off the deck of the clubhouse
  • U14 meet at the bottom of the ridge chair
  • U16 meet outside the aframe (coaches building)
  • U19 meet outside the aframe (coaches building)
  • SB meet outside of clubhouse

MHRC Ski Travel Team Coaches

  • U08/10 – Connor Church, Ally Dandy, Erick Begin
  • U12 – Brian Opitz, Dillon Sheppard, Jeff Robinson
  • U14 – Brook Rayner, Matt Hardy, Scott McCartney
  • U16 – Jacob Sochnacki, Martin Hirniak
  • U19 – Rick Greaves, Cameron Evanoff


Training Plan for Travel Team Camp

Please ask you coaches for further details on equipment and training disciplines during the debrief meeting each day

NOTE: SB camp details has been provided directly to the teams!

Day 1 (Dec 27) Training Plan for All Groups – NO FAST SKIING – SLALOM SKIS

  • Intro – group welcome and ice breaker – equipment check – prior injuries/ health concerns
  • Morning session – sliding and stopping skills – boot flex check
  • Afternoon session – carving and edging skills
  • Debrief – ski tuning check – review of global movements – prep for day 2

Day 2 (Dec 28) Training Plan for All Groups – NO FAST SKIING – SLALOM SKIS

  • Introduction – plan for the day – nutrition check in – warm up plans
  • Morning Session – sliding and stopping skills continued
  • Afternoon session – carving and edging skills continued
  • Debrief – ankle flex test – season schedules distributed
  • Wine and Cheese – 4pm @ Italian Club on Tremaine

Day 3 (Dec 29) Training Plan for All Groups – SLALOM SKIS- brushes and stubbies

  • Introduction – plan for the day – dynamic warms – external cues
  • Morning Session – carving and edging
  • Afternoon session –starting and skating and jumping
  • Debrief – tactics with line and speed

Day 4 (Dec 30) Training Plan for All Groups – SLALOM SKIS – brushes/ stubbies/ full gates

  • Introduction – plan for the day – nutrition check in – warm up plans
  • Morning Session – racing skills – possible timing
  • Afternoon session – tucking and speed skills
  • Debrief – challenge zone

Day 5 (Jan 5) Training Plan for All Groups – GS Equipment

  • Introduction – plan for the day – warm up plans
  • Morning Session – sliding and stopping skills GS turns
  • Afternoon session – carving and edging skills GS turns
  • Debrief – GS tactics

Day 6 (Jan 6) Training Plan For All Groups – GS Equipment – Full Gates

  • Introduction – plan for the day – nutrition check in – warm up plans
  • Morning Session – racing skills – possible timing
  • Afternoon session – racing skills
  • Debrief – Plan for weekend – review rules of racing


Special Guests at MHRC over Holiday Camp

Kevin Macdonald back at MHRC – National Ski Cross Team Athlete and MHRC member will be joining all the teams over camp to train ski cross skills and give some motivation for the season!

Lora Fenn – Freestyle Ontario Club Development Manager and former MHRC coach will be joining us Jan 5 for a session in the park to get the racers comfortable with a bit of air under their skis!


Extra Training Camp Jan 3/4 for Travel Teams


  • Jan 3 – Slalom Skills Day with brushes/stubbies/fullgates – 9-2:30pm
  • Jan 4 – Giant Slalom Skills Day with gate training – 9-2:30pm


MHRC Clubhouse Reminders

As a volunteer run organization we need your help to keep the clubhouse clean, please encourage all members including athletes to be responsible for keeping the clubhouse clean

Volunteer sign-up including canteen sign-up will be posted in sign-up genius in the similar fashion as the SWAP.

Please be mindful of the athletes lunch hours. Parents are encouraged to give up their seats during these times slots so that the athletes have an opportunity to rest, relax and eat during this period.

Please do not leave any bags or equipment in the clubhouse overnight, a best effort will be made so that anything left behind will be placed outside of clubhouse upon locking for the night.

No dogs allowed in the clubhouse at anytime

Clubhouse is nut free, please respect this policy

Member accounts will active but a reminder the balance must remain positive with a maximum negative balance being $20


Contact Information:

  • JDL: Heather Parizeau –
  • U10: Cyrus Pfuetzner –
  • U12: Jane Manansala Oh –
  • U14: Cathy DiMarco –
  • U16: Fiona White –
  • U18: Jen Petter –
  • TNT: Greg Weeks –
  • SB: Barb Frost –
  • Race Director: Merrilee Stoll –
  • Race Admin: Juliette Lamb –
  • Head Coach: Sarah Edwards –

All Other Inquires: