The Erika Lamb snowflake Race Results


And what a race it was…..

Men’s podium:

1-#46-Matthew Ross (Cal), 30.65

2-#45-Nicolas Savoy(Cal),  31.31

3-#31-Ryan Pettman (Mil), 32.68

4-#36-Mack LeBarron (Mil), 34.44

Women’s podium:

1-#21-Riley Donovan (Cal),          31.65

2-#25-Jocelyn McGillivray (TSC),31.96

3-#23-Camille Fontaine-Morin (Mil), 32.85

4-#1-Ali Nagatakiya-(Mil), 33.15

EL race, Charlotte


EL race, high 5s

EL race, Milton group

Team Caledon2

On behalf of the parents and the Caledon U18 race team (pic above), we want to thank you, the Lamb family, and the whole Milton Heights Racing Club family for what was the most fun ski event we have attended in years.  Everyone walked away from the evening with a big smile and a warm feeling for the hospitality that your club provided.  I can tell you that my wife Ellen had discussed that she was likely going to shed a tear at the event as we all prepared to feel quite sad about the tragic loss of Erika last year but remarkably your Club instead made it a celebration of Erika’s life, her positive impact on the Milton family, and her legacy.  It was reflected in the wonderful, warm feelings at your Club.  We were amazed at how supportive your racers are of each other and it seemed to spread through all the teams.  The smiles, high fives and hugs at the finish line between winners and losers was inspiring.  Really in the end no one seemed to care who had won, it was all about the spirit of competition and spurring each other on.  So thank you for this terrific event, we hope that it continues on for years as it really is a remarkable reflection of Erika’s lasting legacy.

Sincerely, Mark Ross

The Caledon U18 Race Team (Coaches Brad and Brian and the Donovan, Peters, Ross, Savoy and Waldie Families)

women's podium

men's podium

EL race blooper
On the Edge!