MHRC Race Results for February 13-14

Sporting Life/Toronto Star Athlete of the Week!  A picture will be posted in the Toronto Star on Feb 23rd.

 Molly Skeoch 

This 11 year old U12 is an athlete to be reckoned with, in her first two races she finished first and very close second place. Eager to compete, she is keen to improve her skills and quickly implements direction to improve her performance. Being a competitor is not her only asset.  Molly is a caring and friendly team player who supports all her team mates, cheers them on and congratulates everyone’s performance. Good luck to Molly on the rest of her season and we really appreciate having you on the team!      

Molly Athlete of the weekMolly Skeoch

U12 Chicopee-GS, Saturday Feb 13, 2016

Boys:2-Zachary Kralik, 4-Alexander Kollmann, 7-Gnariko Hekimian, 8-Alexander Oh, 10-Shane Taylor

Girls:6-Annika Fotr, 7-Savannah Stoll, 8-Gabriella Bonnell

U12 Feb 13

Masters at Caledon!

Garnet Peirson & Merrilee Stoll placed 1st in their respective age categories.  Ingrid and Eleanor Merry placed 2nd and 3rd in their age category – beaten only by an ex-national team racer.  Robert Burek placed 3rd in his age category.

TNT Feb 16 race

The Tuesday Night Training group also saw some competitive action on the hill.


Good Luck to all those racing this weekend!