Our Location:

MHRC operates out of Glen Eden Ski and Snowboard Centreand is a member of both Alpine Ontario South Divisionand the Association of Ontario Snowboarder

Milton Heights Racing Club
Glen Eden Ski & Snowboard Centre
5234 Kelso Road
Milton, ON   L9T 2X7
email: info@miltonheights.com

MHRC Clubhouse

Mission Statement:

  • Provide opportunities for athletes to raise their alpine ski / snowboard racing skills to a higher level of excellence by promoting participation in a program based on the skill level of the athletes.
  • Encourage personal growth through an emphasis on sportsmanship.
  • Develop individual potential through fair competition within the structure provided by Alpine Canada Alpine, The Association of Ontario Snowboarders and the Canadian Freestyle Skiing Association.


Each team has a Team Managerthat will provide information and guidances throughout the season. They will inform you of schedules, training, coordinates race activities and location. To get in touch with them, click on the Race Committee page.

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